Business Consultancy Service

Anser's hands-on approach provides excellent value to its clients. Our point of difference arises from the following key attributes:

Experience & Knowledge - Our Directors work hands-on in all our projects. They form an intrinsic part of our low-leveraged teams and spearhead the day-to-day problem solving and project governance. This means that our clients work with the depth of experience and knowledge of our senior leaders.

Vision & Objectivity - We help our clients solve critical issues and problems and develop a clear and pragmatic vision and solution. In doing so, we provide objective and independent advice through the hands-on involvement of Directors and experienced Consultings.

Teamwork - We work closely with our clients, most of the time in joint teams. We, in effect, ‘live and breathe’ the problems and issues together with our clients in their environment.

Adaptability - Whether a short, intense burst of effort or a longer elapsed time is required, our approach allows us to match the needs and demands of our clients. Our approach ensures deep involvement by our senior directors at all times. This guarantees that our clients have access to the experience and knowledge of our most valued resource - our people. Our directors have worked with some of the largest private and public-sector organisations in Perth.

Anser focus upon four facets of business improvement: 

Business Strategy - Providing direction and scope and focusing the business on how this will be achieved

Operational Performance - Tracking and improving business performance

Business Transformation - Aligning business functions to succeed

Program Management - Efficient and effective delivery of business imperatives and initiatives

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