Community energy projects are growing in promenance in Australia and elsewhere. In Australia we have world leading solar resource and many communities are now coming together to deliver community solar farm projects.  Community owned projects can provide a solution in areas where individuals may not have adequate roof space for PV systems.  Community driven projects have the added benefit of bringing people together who have a similar passion.

Residentis in apartment buildings or complexes also have an opportunity to reduce the energy use of common services through solar PV connected to building services, such as lighting, lifts, pool and sauna. In some instances solar PV may also be used to offset individual energy use depending upon the metering configuration.

Renewable generation is not the only way to improve sustainability.  Often energy efficiency measures provide a lower cost and greater investment return for reducing costs and emissions.  LED lighting upgrades can reduce energy use by 80% compared to incandescent and halogen lighting.  

Anser professionals are qualified at solar PV install/design (by the Clean Energy Council) and energy auditing (by the Association of Energy Engineers).  Anser will take a wholistic look at your energy needs, whether it be a community project or energy efficiency audit.   Contact us today for a free no obligation consultation.

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      ​​Community Energy is where a community comes together to develop, deliver and benefit from a clean energy project.
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Anser professionals are skilled in improving energy efficiency, liaising with utilities and establishing solar PV projects.  Anser is a specialist consultancy with a focus on delivery sustainable energy solutions to small and medium sized organisations.  Anser professionals are not aligned to any supplier so will provide unbiased advice to get the best value and outcomes for your project.

Energy Audit : An Anser Certified Energy Manager (accredited through the Association of Energy Engineers) will complete a detailed energy audit to evaluate energy consumption at your apartment building or community complex.  They will use this information to determine energy use by function and identify cost effective measures for energy efficiency improvement. 

Solar and Storage :  An Anser Clean Energy Council accredited solar designer/installer will review options for utilising renewable generation and storage on-site to reduce energy intensity and costs.  Solar and storage may also be used to offset your individual energy consumption, depending upon the metering arrangement in your building or community complex.

NABERS assessment :  NABERS is the industry standard for measuring building energy efficiency in Australia.  The COAG Energy Council has agreed to fund development of a NABERS tool for residential apartments, with a pilot due in 2017.  Office buildings with higher star ratings achieve higher investment returns and are sought after by tenants. Watch ths space!​

Energy Strategy & Procurement : An Anser professional will provide the necessary expertise needed to define your project to an investment ready stage so you may get it up and running.   Anser will consult with stakeholders, standards and utilities, analyse the costs, benefits and risks and present the outcomes in an investment ready report.  We will then present the findings to stakeholders.

Technical scoping
:  One of our qualified electrical engineers will provide technical scoping of requirements for efficiency measures, renewable generation or storage to include in your tender or procurement process.  Anser will also provide independent advice to assist with tender assessment to ensure the best option is selected. 

: There are many possible funding models for community energy projects (see illustration below).  Anser will assist develop a finance package to reduce the upfront cost of securing long term savings by funding energy efficiency measures, solar PV or battery storage projects.  

Energy Training
: Energy is a specialised area and Anser will provide training to your community on ways to reduce energy use, energy cost and greenhouse gas emissions.  We can train an Energy Champion who will look for opportunities and maintain efficient behaviours in the community long after formal energy audits are completed.
In the German district of North Frisia there are more than 60 wind farms with a capacity of about 700 MW, and 90 percent are community-owned
Community Solar Energy Funding Models
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