Lighting Maintenance Services
Your lighting assets are a significant investment to improve the asthetic and safety of the local community.  These assets are also subject to a variety of environmental, operating and soil conditions which may degrade nearby assets at very different rates over time.  Anser will design a program of inspection, testing and treatment to extend the life of assets and detect issues prior to failure.  Our services are listed below:

Corrosion prevention - corrosion is a significant threat to the structural integrity and operating life of the asset.  Anser will install cathodic protection to extend the life of new and existing poles.
Pole inspection - regular measurement of metal thickness around the pole base will detect advanced corrosion before it compromises the pole integrity.
Corrosion treatment - where corrosion is detected Anser will treat the pole to neutralise corrosion and prevent further degradation or if this is not feasible will immediately report the pole as a public safety risk.
Electrical testing - Anser will test the operation of RCDs and test earthing and earth resistance to ensure the pole poses no electrical safety risk.
Light testing - Anser will measure the light output (lux) of existing assets to ensure they remain compliant with Australian Standards.
Documentation - Anser document all treatments, measurements and test results electronically and can provide these in a geospatial format for viewing in Google Earth if required.
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A dollar spent on preventative maintenance may save ten on restoration
Lighting Maintenance