Network Strategy
Anser provided skilled personnel to Western Power who were seeking assistance with developing a strategy and tools to procure and utilise alternative energy solutions as a cost effective means to avoid network constraints.  

The works included:
  • Development of a comprehensive organisational strategy covering technology identification, evaluation and testing.
  • Development of network planning tool to estimate the cost and timing of implementation of various demand management and standby generation solutions to avoid network constraints.
  • Assessment of various technologies, including Battery Energy Storage Solutions to provide grid support.
  • Development of network plans utillising alternative energy solutions to avoid various constraints.
  • Training staff in use of new tools and methods.
Western Power were able to utilise the works as part of an overarching strategy to augment their capability to draw upon cost effective network investment alternative solutions.
Western Power contracted Anser personnel to develop a strategy and tools for implementation of Alternative Energy Solutions in lieu of traditional network solutions.