Power Utility Services
Sometimes specialist and independent advice is needed when making big decisions on capital or operational investments.  Here are some of the ways Anser professionals can assist with your decision making:

Tools and Process:  Detailed analysis of options coupled with quality data are the keys to effective network planning.  Anser will develop tools and processes to assist planners analyse network level risk which incorporate emerging technologies.

Strategy and Policy: The strategic and policy framework underpins the delivery of all services within an organisation but can become outdated in the face of evolving methods, regulation and technology.  Anser professionals will develop comprehensive strategies and policies to ensure efficient investment outcomes which are compliant with regulations.  

Reliability Analysis: With historically low levels of growth in consumer demand the focus of network planning has shifted to reliability which requires a very different set of analysis.  Evaluation of contingency options,  restoration and response time, cost of unserved energy, regulatory penalties and probability of failure are just some of the inputs to consider.  Fortunately Anser professionals provide leadership in this area and will combine this data with powerful analysis (e.g. Monte Carlo simulation) to give a rich picture of the risks and benefits of various investment options. 

Regulatory: Network Service Providers are under a lot of scrutiny from the regulator, from pricing submissions to project evaluations.  Often these can consume many scarce resources. Anser will provide resources to assist with submissions, compliance obligations or to  meet other regulatory requirements.

Grant Application:  The Australian and State Governments have a mandate to drive innovation and growth of renewables.  There are various agencies and subsidies available at both the state and commonwealth level to provide financial incentives and reduce the investment risk associated with innovation. Whilst rewarding these can be time consuming and complex. Anser will assist with grant or low cost finance applications to eligible funding programs. 

Training: The greatest asset of any organisation is its people. An investment in training to broaden skills of key staff can deliver benefits manyfold greater than the cost.  Anser will develop training and documentation customised to your organisation so your staff can deliver the outcomes you require now and into the future.

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Harnessing opportunities on the other side
Anser professionals bring together collective skills and knowledge acquired through delivery of services on both sides of the meter.   Modern network planning approaches now look beyond the meter in the search to improve network utilisation.

Demand Management:  Anser professionals have designed demand side management programs to target network constraints for a leading Australian utility.  Targeted incentive programs leverage community and commercial investment in measures which  also deliver cost effective peak demand reduction.  However, it's important to understand the payback to both the customer and utility when designing incentives.

Alternative Technologies: The evolution in storage, solar and decentralised control technology presents new opportunities to provide grid support.  The opportunity may be limited to a specific type of support, operating condition or network configuration. Anser professionals provide independent review of alternative technologies and their suitability in grid or fringe of grid support.

Standalone Power Systems: Anser have  modelled and designed hybrid systems to provide support for off grid and fringe of grid customers.  The costs of these systems is declining as solar and storage costs reduce, creating opportunities for utilities to provide lower cost and reliable solutions to customers in rural and remote locations.  However, there are a hosts of operational, regulatory and customer acceptance issues.  Anser can help you navigate these issues to a successful outcome.