Anser are experienced in providing residential, commercial and industrial subdivision solutions.
Anser professionals can provide the precision and accuracy required for all HV and LV distribution and project designs.  Our staff have worked within the utilities on state underground supply projects and are knowledgeable of the connection and development approvals process.
Anser designs are always drawn to a high standard and meet delivery deadlines. We make this possible by our utilisation of the latest Western Power approved software and our experience in problem identification and solution development.
Subdivision project status can be tracked online through our secure project portal.  Key features of the portal include:
  • Secure login
  • Shows key milestones & expected completion dates
  • Regularly updated with project information
  • Interim design documentation attached per milestone
  • Print management reports
  • Quickly see all projects and their respective statuses.
  • Real-time update of project information and data.
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Oliver Wendell Holmes