Standalone Power Systems
The utility contracted an Anser professional to assist complete a network wide cost benefit analysis utilising Standalone Power Systems (SPS) in lieu of fringe of grid network replacement. 

Works included:
  • Completing a comprehensive analysis of network assets and metering data utilising geospatial data to identify candidate customers where a SPS solution could be cost effectively installed.   
  • Standardising on design and technology selection for modular hybrid solar, diesel and battery standalone power systems.
  • Preparing a grant submission to ARENA.
  • Design of a pilot program.
The economic analysis identified the potential to save tens of millions of dollars over coming years by utilising SPS instead of replacing aged assets.  A pilot trial of ten systems has been approved in the Great Southern region.
A Western Australian utilitiy were looking for innovative ways to avoid overcapitalising on maintenance and replacement of aging infrastructure, likely to cost hundreds of millions of dollars over the next fifty years.