Street Lighting Design
Anser was engaged by the City of Rockingham to provide electrical and street light design services for the intersection of Dixon Rd & Mandurah Rd, Rockingham.  The lighting at the intersection is a City asset, however at the completion of the road works and lighting upgrade, it was planned to go through a “gifting” process to hand over the asset to Western Power. Lighting of the intersection did not meet AS1158 standards.

The lighting design developed by Anser needed to conform to Main Roads requirements:
  • Extent of lighting per AS/NZS 1158 Part 1.1 (2005) Section 3.4 for the intersection, plus additional spans of road lighting on each approach.
  • Lighting appropriate for the approaches, per AS/NZS 1158 (2005) “V” subcategory, V3.
Anser revised the proposed design to meet the conformance level required. The City of Rockingham was delivered considerable value through the quality of the revised design, associated cost savings and the speed through which the approval process was facilitated.

The City of Rockingham engaged Anser to provide electrical and streetlight design services to ensure that their civic asset conformed to necessary standards before being “gifted” to Western Power. Anser delivered considerable value through speed and cost savings.